When’s the last time you felt “nourished?”

What do you consider nourishing? Eating “healthy” foods? Feeding your body’s cells? Providing your body with energy until your next meal? By definition, nourishment is “food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” Let’s break each of the desired effects (growth, health, and good condition) down even further: Growth – repairing, renewing, and … More When’s the last time you felt “nourished?”

Vibrant Papaya Salsa – summer recipe contest runner up!

I recently found out that a papaya salsa I threw together for a taco dinner party last month was a runner-up in *PlateJoy’s summer recipe contest – What an honor! The recipe became part of an anti-inflammatory meal plan for a Bauman report since my fiance (not a fan of papaya) enjoyed it so much. Check … More Vibrant Papaya Salsa – summer recipe contest runner up!

Summer Updates

Thanks for your patience as Nourished Seoul gets its feet on the ground. I’ve made a few minor changes, as well as added the About, Services and Health Philosophy sections to the site. I’d love to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for more new posts and updates soon. Happy summer 🙂  


COMPLEMENTARY NUTRITION CONSULTING ABOUT YOU: Seeking sustainable weight loss, along with improved energy, mood, and fewer cravings Eager to learn about self-care and nutrition Available for 4 sessions over 6-8 weeks HOW I CAN HELP: The following services will be provided free of charge: Nutritional counseling sessions (4 total) Dietary analysis + diet and lifestyle … More BECOME YOUR HEALTHIEST SELF IN 2017!

Which green vegetables should I eat??

You’ve probably heard the recommendation to “eat more greens,” BUT… How do you actually fit them in at every meal? Which ones are the best? More importantly, what’s the fuss?  Quick answers: They’re easy to fit in once you recognize that the possibilities are endless. Any and all are the best! The big secret is they’re packed … More Which green vegetables should I eat??

Finding Nourishment

Welcome to Nourished Seoul! I hope to use this space to share learnings for creating a holistic and healthy lifestyle – a nourished soul if you will. From exercise to mind health, nutrition and relationships, it’s all about balance! “Seoul” plays homage to my Korean heritage, which at its core, takes a holistic approach to attaining balance … More Finding Nourishment